MICT Ohangwena Regional Office lay down the foundation for the accelerated use and development of ICT in the region and coordinate information management within Ohangwena and the Government at large. The office is responsible for rendering effective information services to the Namibian nation.

MICT Decentralized Functions:

  • Print Media Productions

Function or programme aimed at producing and disseminating information to the Ohangwena community through GRN publications such as the Namibian Review and Government Gazettes. The programme also aims to educate and inform the public on GRN programmes, projects, policies and activities in order to create a knowledge based Ohangwena society.

The office tends to improve the understanding of GRN programmes and policies as well as ensuring the free flow and access to information to community and the media. Print media also makes the provision of information to be available in local language through translations and debates with the community. MICT also create public awareness on pertinent issues whether through the media or information sharing sessions as well as create access of Government publications through hand delivering of free publications at the door steps of our stakeholders and reaching out far into the deepest of areas in Ohangwena region.

  • Audio Visual Productions

The purpose of this programme is to market Namibia as a preferred film destination and provide access to information through multi-media content/platforms.  To attract investment into the film industry and develop local film industry for growth and GDP contribution.
To ensure the production and dissemination of relevant content towards acknowledge based society. Frequent screening of local films and continuous production of documentaries whether on Government developmental projects or community dramas and plays.
Other Services includes:

  • Selling of Government publications
  • Selling of Portraits
  • Hiring of Public Address Systems
  • Hiring of Projector kit