The Region has three proclaimed Towns:

Eenhana Town Council

Helao Nafidi Town Council

Okongo Village Council

  • Eenhana Town Council

Eenhana was declared as a settlement and an Administrative Centre of Ohangwena Region in 1992. It was later proclaimed as a Town on 15th April 1999 and became autonomous on 01st July 2002. Prior to Independence, Eenhana was mainly just a strategic military centre for the then South African Defense Force and there were no public infrastructure in place. At proclamation, Eenhana had only 500 serviced erven for both residential, institutions and business.
Today, Eenhana is one of the fastest growing Towns in Namibia with surfaced roads and serviced land. The town has a population of well over 24 000 inhabitants.

  • Helao Nafidi Town Council

Helao Nafidi Town was proclaimed as a town in September 2003. The town is the biggest in the north, covering five major townships of Oshikango, Ohangwena, Omafo, Engela and Onhuno over a total area of 7,221ha. The town is made out of portions of three constituencies, whose population is 64,940 and the town’s population is estimated at close to 30,000 people. It is situated along the Namibian-Angolan border, housing the busiest border post between the two countries at Oshikango where an approximate ±150 trucks and ±3400 people are passing through on a daily basis.

  • Okongo Village Council

Okongo Village is situated on the eastern part of the region and was proclaimed a Village Council in 2015.


The Region has only two proclaimed Settlements:

  • Ongenga Settlement
  • Omungwelume Settlement

These two settlements are found in one constituency of Ongenga the north-western side of the region.

The following table presents the synopsis of the settlements:

No. of households 160 107
No. of public institutions 6 8
No. of businesses 61 21
Estimated Population 960 500
Total Area 4.35 km² 3.57 m²